It’s always exciting to see how activism and organizing inspires other movements around the world.  Today we have a brief statement of support from Japan’s ‘Solidarity with CHAZ Tokyo’ / CHAZ連帯東京  Group  for Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP Autonomous (Police Free!) Zones.
Comrades! We made a solidarity action for you in Tokyo, Japan!! We’ve been very impressed by your creation of the CHAZ! Racial discrimination and police brutality are real in Japan too. People are dying in the immigration detention centers and prisons. The majority of Japan thinks that abolishing the prison and state repression complex is unrealistic. But hey, you’ve just proved to everyone in the world that we can do anything without police or prisons! We are sending tons of tons of solidarity from here, fascist heaven aka Japan.


For more on the history of Anti-Fascism in Japan, and the far-right ethnonationalism of Japan and Shinzo Abe’s government that they oppose, I’d highly recommend our interview w. Researcher Gregor Wakounig:

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