A Journey Into the Multi-Cultural Heart of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is long portrayed by travel companies as a skyscraper filled metropolis. A playground for the rich, elite and famous. But there is another Hong Kong, The Hong Kong of the migrant worker, the refugee, the day laborer, and others from all backgrounds and faiths who make Hong Kong the diverse beating heart of Asia.

This is a chance for curious travelers to tour with one of Hong Kong’s most unique guides: Jeffery Andrews, the tri-lingual social worker (Recently featured in the LA TIMES!) He will take you into real Hong Kong that exists outside of the skyscrapers and 7-star hotels, and into the lives of the real men and women who make this incredible city truly special.

Jeffery Andrews is a world-renowned social worker and public figure who bridges the gap between Hong Kong’s rich and poor, and the diverse communities that live here.

For more on him we highly recommend this LA TIMES profile on his life and work.

Starting from Tsim Sha Tsui ferry – talk about Indian contribution to starting the Ferry service, take a ferry ride across the harbour and back.

Then walk past the avenue of stars overlooking the harbour

Then a personal tour to the iconic “Chungking mansions” walk through the shops, restaurants and guest houses and back alleys to understand the dynamics of this community.  Possibly have lunch/dinner at guest preference of Indian/African/Arab food.

Then we head to Kowloon mosque to see Muslim history and current situation in HK.

Then head to St.Andrews church, 113 years of history in Kowloon, what its contribution to the community.

We then go over to Kowloon union church to visit another historic monument in Kowloon, 95 years of serving the community during wars, civil unrest and to many marginalized communities in HK.

Then walk to the night market – explain the many facets of the area, brother, mahjong parlours, karaoke bars, sub divided houses, ethnic minority community -age gave masala tea at one of these shops.

Then head to the UNHCR nearby the night market to explain the refugee situation in HK abs visit a refugee across the UN and see a subdivided house. Plus personal sharing of a refugee from Sri Lanka.

It should take about 3.5-4 hours for the entire tour.

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