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Asia Art Tours started with a simple dream...

After many years in Luxury Travel, I came to believe that we need more of the arts in our life, and that travel, when we have time is one of the best places to see them.  Traveling is about encountering new perspectives and what better perspective to explore than that of the artist!

More specifically, with Asiaarttours.com I have four goals in mind

1. Art Education in the States and EU have been cut to the bone, and our children are being told (through action if not words) that the arts don’t matter.  Our company is based upon a rebuttal, that the great cultures of Asia are based on their art and artists. We believe the best way to understand and learn on a holiday, comes through art.

2. Most travel companies have tried to freeze these countries in their artistic pasts and not promoted their future. It’s a stain on tourism and travel companies  that the great artists in countries like Thailand are not as famous as its beaches. That the amazing painters of Japan never receive the same attention as the make-up on the geisha. That the dragon-dances in China dazzle while no spotlight shines on the b-boy and b-girls breakdancing throughout the middle kingdom.   We must of course pay homage to the past, but we aim to help travelers stand on the edge of the horizon as well, giving them opportunities to meet some of Asia’s most cutting-edge artists.

3.  While every Western High Schooler knows Picasso, or Van Gough,  how many have heard of Manit Sriwanichpoom or Yue Minjun? In the 21st century, somehow in the age of a global classroom remains an unacceptable lack of knowledge about the artists who have shaped the culture, aesthetics and discourse for the majority of the human population. We aim to give travelers a crash-course into the artists as revered in the east as those in the West, and through this dialectic to produce a greater understanding of art and culture.

4. We have lost “meaning”. For most of us it means anything that can fit into our smartphones. 1 minute videos and scattered snapshots now represent ‘inspiration’ or ‘beauty’.  We believe like anything truly complex and transformative that the arts need to be experienced as immersed, not observed.  Holidays for too long are happy to support Instagram, Facebook and others. It’s time we stand up to social media, reclaim the power of travel and are willing to dive deep (for a day, two days, a week) in order to understand the rich history, tradition and power that exists within art forms, if they are interacted with as participants.

Come with us and rediscover who you are through the arts. That could mean you:

  • Write haikus in a centuries old teahouse on the same desk as the masters of old.
  • Watch as meaning is actively shaped by your hand as a life-long potter connects creativity to the clay we all walk on.
  • Or shred guitar with the rock and rollers of Beijing… learning that there are still rebels in the PRC

We promise you’ll discover a completely different Asia, and just maybe you’ll feel inspired to create something all your own.

We have set up tours with some of the most unique, interesting, outspoken and brilliant artists in Asia.  Come and explore Asiaarttours.com.  I’ll look forward to hearing what you think!


Matthew Dagher-Margosian

Founder of Asia Art Tours

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Matt Dagher-margosian

Chief Adventurer

Elliot Trotter

Chief Technology Officer

Elliot is a writer and entrepreneur living in Seattle, WA. Elliot has founded and led several companies to international success including Skyd Magazine and Cheers Sunglasses.

In 2014, he created a popular travel-focused web series called Ultimate Globe Trotter (http://ultimateglobetrotter.tv).

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