March 19, 2022

Jared Davidson on Aotearoa, Abolition & “History from Below”

I spoke with archivist & author Jared Davidson on "History from Below" in Aotearoa ("New Zealand") and what abolition & decolonialism has looked like in the country. Read our conversation…
Hong KongWriting
March 8, 2022

Karen Cheung on Hong Kong & Mental Health

I spoke to Karen Cheung, essayist and author of  The Impossible City: A Hong Kong Memoir,  on Mental Health  & Post- NSL Life in Hong Kong.  You can find our…
February 21, 2022

Ke-hsien Huang: Neoliberalism & Homelessness in Taiwan

We spoke to Ke-hsien Huang of National Taiwan University, on homelessness in Taiwan. You can find our conversation below.    Asia Art Tours: To start, could we review baselines on…
February 11, 2022

Swati Birla & Kuver Sinha: Vaccine Imperialism & The Global South (Conclusion)

I spoke to scholars Swati Birla & Kuver Sinha for a 2-part interview on  ‘vaccine imperialism’ and the complicated politics of India’s Pharmaceutical Capitalism. This is the conclusion of our…
February 2, 2022

N.O. Bonzo – Illustrating Mutual Aid & Abolition

We spoke with Artist N.O. Bonzo on illustrating the beauty of Mutual Aid  & Abolition Our conversation & their artwork is below.    Asia Art Tours: As someone who is…
January 24, 2022

Swati Birla & Kuver Sinha: Vaccine Imperialism & The Global South

I spoke to scholars Swati Birla & Kuver Sinha to discuss 'vaccine imperialism' and the complicated politics of India's Pharmaceutical Capitalism This is part 1 of our conversation, part 2 will…
December 5, 2021

Marcus Rediker: The History of Pirates & Stealing our Future Back

I spoke with legendary scholar Marcus Rediker on studying the 'history from below' of pirates, slave uprisings and oppressed people.  We explore how historical resistance to capitalism & the State…
November 20, 2021

Myanmar Evictions Watch: Eviction as Warfare in Myanmar

I spoke to Myanmar Evictions Watch, who document the violent and illegal evictions overseen by Myanmar's military dictatorship.  What follows is a comprehensive exploration of authoritarianism, capitalism, and property in…
November 8, 2021

Mosques of India Project: Documenting India’s Disappearing Mosques

I spoke with the documentary project Mosques of India .  We discuss how some of humanity's oldest monuments and structures are falling into disuse and disrepair throughout India.    Asia Art…
October 29, 2021

Taiwan Trails and Tales: The Deeper Meaning of Hiking in Taiwan

To explain Taiwan's natural beauty, and how it restores the mind, body and spirit, I was honored to speak with Taiwan Tales and Trails. In my opinion they are among…