February 21, 2022

Ke-hsien Huang: Homelessness in Taiwan

We spoke to Ke-hsien Huang of National Taiwan University, on homelessness in Taiwan. You can find our conversation below.    Asia Art Tours: To start, could we review baselines on…
December 5, 2021

Marcus Rediker: How Pirates define the Modern era

I spoke with legendary scholar Marcus Rediker on studying the 'history from below' of pirates, slave uprisings and oppressed people.  We explore how historical resistance to capitalism & the State…
November 20, 2021

Myanmar Evictions Watch: Eviction as Warfare in Myanmar

I spoke to Myanmar Evictions Watch, who document the violent and illegal evictions overseen by Myanmar's military dictatorship.  What follows is a comprehensive exploration of authoritarianism, capitalism, and property in…
November 8, 2021

Mosques of India Project: Documenting India’s Disappearing Mosques

I spoke with the documentary project Mosques of India .  We discuss how some of humanity's oldest monuments and structures are falling into disuse and disrepair throughout India.    Asia Art…
October 29, 2021

Taiwan Trails and Tales: The Deeper Meaning of Hiking in Taiwan

To explain Taiwan's natural beauty, and how it restores the mind, body and spirit, I was honored to speak with Taiwan Tales and Trails. In my opinion they are among…
September 19, 2021

Alex K.T. Martin – The Howl of Japan’s Lost Wolves

We spoke to Alex K.T Martin of the Japan Times on his phenomenal series looking at how Japan's native wolf population became extinct, and the ecological, cultural and spiritual voids…
August 29, 2021

Tyrell Haberkorn: Rural Dissent in 70s Thailand / Thongchai Winichakul: On Hyper-Royalism

We spoke (separately) to University of Wisconsin scholars Tyrell Haberkon & Thongchai Winichakul on protest, organizing and state violence in Thailand. Dr. Haberkorn discusses the contemporary lessons of rural resistance…
MyanmarProtestSE Asia
August 23, 2021

Jangai Jap: The Struggle against Myanmar’s Junta

In the spirit of Frantz Fanon or Gloria Richardson, I had a fascinating discussion with scholar Jangai Jap on the armed struggle against Myanmar's military junta. Read our conversation below!  …
August 17, 2021

Trolley Times: The Farmers Protests & Fighting for India’s Soul

We were honored to speak with the Trolley Times on their work documenting the Farmers' Protests of India. What follows is a conversation on why this is a world-historic movement,…
August 8, 2021

Robert Yang: Queer Desire & Utopia in Video Games

CONTENT WARNING: This interview is not suitable for those under 18. It contains frank dialogue on sexuality.  We spoke to Robert Yang on creating queer video games. Robert's most recent…