Where You'll Stay

At Asia Art Tours we pair some of the world’s most unique and thoughtful accommodations with some of the world’s most unique and thoughtful artists. We both recommend and book your accommodations, and are happy to coordinate your stay at any property whether or not it’s one we’ve curated for your tour.

We are well connected with the best of the best, and all of our recommended properties are hand-selected and vetted to ensure the highest quality experience for our clients. Below are some of our highly recommended accommodations.

Like great artists, these properties offer guests a philosophy and aesthetic that carefully reflects those of our tours. We’ve chosen hotels perfect for writers, ryokans for those interested in ceramics, and other properties that we feel will help you best unleash your inner creative.

Migiwatei Ochi Kochi Ryokan (The "Wolverine" Suite)

Ryokan, Japan

The Ryokan in the little town that inspired Miyazaki, and was the setting for Hugh Jackman's "The Wolverine" movie. Sublime and private stay overlooking a gorgeous harbor filled with private and sacred Shinto Islands. Please click here for more information.

Topas EcoLodges

Eco Lodges near Hanoi, Vietnam

The Topas Ecolodges (both mountain-top and riverside) are among the most unique properties in Southeast Asia, and certainly among the most philosophical. Both are partnered with the local Red Dao tribes of northern Vietnam and both are deeply committed to both preserving nature, and helping to support the art, culture and way of life of the neighboring tribes. With their isolation from urban settings, great cycling routes, and numerous opportunities for genuine interaction with a unique culture these two hotels make a perfect addition to any Vietnam itinerary.

Book and Bed, Speciality Capsule Hotel

Tokyo, Japan

This is only for the most wormiest of bookworms, The Book and Bed is a capsule hotel concept that has taken over a bookstore, resulting in the perfect marriage between a place to stay and a place to read. The concept is quite simply a place for one to read all night, and then sleep between the shelves! For clients who love their Japan holiday with a sign of quirky, we highly recommend the Book and Bed!

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