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Forget the narrative of far away beaches and exotic lands, yes South Asia has all this (and elephants, and towering buddhist temples, and a panoply of faiths, ideas and cultures) but what we at Asia Art Tours aim to do is introduce you to narratives of these beautiful lands. We've been taught it's all beaches and massages, but the truly dynamic found here is the culture, art and expression that comes from close contact to Buddhism and strong senses of national identity.

South Asia Articles

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January 17, 2021

Inner Mongolia in the Chinese & Mongolian Imagination (Part 2)

To better understand the sudden wave of state violence that China has unleashed on Inner Mongolia we spoke with Doris Tala Motomura. Doris (a pseudonym for safety) is intimately familiar with…
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January 9, 2021

Promise Li – On Hong Kong’s Far Right & Facing Down Global ‘Trumpism’

 I spoke to Promise Li, a contributor to Lausan & The Nation for a fascinating conversation on how support for the Far Right & Trump, poisoned the Hong Kong Movement and…
December 22, 2020

Cassie da Costa – How America Consumes Black Celebrity while Destroying Black Lives

This is the conclusion of our 2- part conversation w. Cassie da Costa (New Yorker, Daily Beast and Vanity Fair).  We discuss Cardi B, the NBA's failed strike for Black Lives…