A country exploring the push and pull of modern life versus traditional beliefs

Korea is certainly a country on the tip of the world's tongue. From its futuristic avatars of video-games, k-pop and fashion it also is deeply rooted in faiths both long established and recently introduced. The art that is created from these tensions is absolutely fascinating, a mix of homage and post-modernism unlike anything else found in Asia. We can't wait to introduce you to some of the idiosyncratic visionaries currently residing here.

Korea Art Tours

Catwalk Dynasties & Hidden Kingdoms

Catwalk Dynasties & Hidden Kingdoms

Fashion and Underground Scenes of China

The Matriarchs of Khmer Culture

The Female & Modern Artists of Cambodia

The Radical Grandmas of Thailand

Female and Environmental Empowerment

A Feminist Holiday in Japan

Prose in the PRC

Prose in the PRC

Exploring the Hip Hop and Poetry of China

Under the Tibetan Stars (Jul 2019)

Trekking Adventure in Tibet & China

Art On Two Wheels

Art On Two Wheels

A Cycling Tour Of Japan's Art and Culture

Spirit of Japan

A Deep Dive Into Buddhism and Shinto

Meet the Aboriginal Artists of Taiwan

Nature & Nurture

Photography Tour in Japan’s Far North

Ice and Sun

Culinary Tour of Yunnan

A Feast for the Spirits

The Living Cookbook: A Food Tour with a personalized cookbook.

A Writing and Food Tour of Vietnam

Skyscraper and Canvas

A Modern Art Tour of Bangkok

Korea Art Articles

ActivismClimate ChangeContemporaryPhilosophy
July 8, 2019

Saying NO to Dystopia with The Yes Men! – (Part 2)

A video of The Yes Men’s most famous prank- appearing on BBC as Dow Chemical and assuming full responsibility (and legal liability) for the Bhopal Chemical Disaster. The prank caused…

ContemporaryPaintingstreet artThailand
July 8, 2019

Art isn’t cool-It’s work! : A conversation with Alex Face on Street Art and “selling out”!

We’ve started a Podcast: The Arts of Travel – we’ll also be posting episodes here as well.  But we’ll also be rolling out the back catalog of episodes. Today we…

Climate ChangeMalaysiaPodcast
July 8, 2019

Podcast & Video- Ernest Zacharavic- Using Art to fight Climate Change and save Orangutans

We’ve started a Podcast: The Arts of Travel. We’ll also be posting episodes here as well.  But we’ll also be rolling out the back catalog of episodes. You can find the podcast…