A country exploring the push and pull of modern life versus traditional beliefs

Korea is certainly a country on the tip of the world's tongue. From its futuristic avatars of video-games, k-pop and fashion it also is deeply rooted in faiths both long established and recently introduced. The art that is created from these tensions is absolutely fascinating, a mix of homage and post-modernism unlike anything else found in Asia. We can't wait to introduce you to some of the idiosyncratic visionaries currently residing here.

Korea Art Tours

Explore Traditional Arts in Shikoku

Explore Traditional Arts in Shikoku

Japan's Art Island

The Matriarchs of Khmer Culture

The Female & Modern Artists of Cambodia

The Radical Grandmas of Thailand

Female and Environmental Empowerment

Prose in the PRC

Prose in the PRC

Exploring the Hip Hop and Poetry of China

Under the Tibetan Stars

Trekking Adventure in Tibet & China

Art On Two Wheels

Art On Two Wheels

A Cycling Tour Of Japan's Art and Culture

Spirit of Japan

A Deep Dive Into Buddhism and Shinto

Meet the Aboriginal Artists of Taiwan

Nature & Nurture

Photography Tour in Japan’s Far North

Ice and Sun

Culinary Tour of Yunnan

A Feast for the Spirits

The Living Cookbook: A Food Tour with a personalized cookbook.

A Writing and Food Tour of Vietnam

Skyscraper and Canvas

A Modern Art Tour of Bangkok

Korea Art Articles

Central AsiaChinaProtest
February 21, 2021

Doris Tala Motomura: Inner Mongolia & The Meaning of Land

To better understand the sudden wave of state violence that China has unleashed on Inner Mongolia we spoke with Doris Tala Motomura. Doris (a pseudonym for safety) is intimately familiar…
Central AsiaChinaFeminism
February 14, 2021

Dilnur Reyhan – Feminism & Uyghur Resistance

To better understand Uyghur freedom struggles, I was honored to interview Dr. Dilnur Reyhan, president of the European Uyghur Institute. We discuss the work of her institute, how feminism is…
February 6, 2021

Jarrod Shanahan – Abolition & Survival

"We can't go back to normal, because normal was the problem to begin with". This graffiti was seen everywhere in the uprisings of  2020; from Hong Kong to Amsterdam, Berlin…