In a globalized world of art, perhaps the most important country.

The world is globalized in an unprecedented way, which means no matter what one thinks of China, it perhaps has the largest impact in what we think, feel and create in regards to art, art markets and creative works. Come with us here to discover what creativity looks like in the PRC as well as to explore how the art and creativity allowed in China, seeps into our own societies regardless of if we share their governmental systems. We also would like to introduce you to an alternative to the China Model: Taiwan. Which for years has produced some of the world's best filmmakers and creative contemporary artists.

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Prose in the PRC

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June 14, 2021

Haris Zargar: On India’s Covid Crisis

To better understand India's Covid outbreak and the ruling BJP Party's role in this crisis, I spoke to New Frame journalist Haris Zargar.  Haris, whose work I've long admired, discusses…
June 6, 2021

Art as Survival: Eric Margolis on Kyohei Sakaguchi’s Utopia

I spoke to writer Eric Margolis on his fascinating profile of Kyohei Sakaguchi for The New York Times. Sakaguchi's art and vision is one tied to mental health, sharing the…
May 20, 2021

“Punks not Coups!” – Carolin Hirsch: On Myanmar’s Punks & Their Fight for Freedom

To better understand the current democracy struggle in Myanmar, and how Myanmar's marginalized communities have fought for freedom,  I spoke to scholar Carolin Hirsch on  Myanmar's Punk and Punk Rock…