In a globalized world of art, perhaps the most important country.

The world is globalized in an unprecedented way, which means no matter what one thinks of China, it perhaps has the largest impact in what we think, feel and create in regards to art, art markets and creative works. Come with us here to discover what creativity looks like in the PRC as well as to explore how the art and creativity allowed in China, seeps into our own societies regardless of if we share their governmental systems. We also would like to introduce you to an alternative to the China Model: Taiwan. Which for years has produced some of the world's best filmmakers and creative contemporary artists.

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Prose in the PRC

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China Art Articles

June 4, 2020

Jamun Ka Ped – Art Against Hindu Supremacy (Conclusion)

With a United States rocked by protests against Police Violence, Economic Violence and the monstrous forces of White Supremacy, it may be useful to look to other global struggles against…

Hong KongPhilosophy
May 24, 2020

Author Kong Tsung-gan on Hong Kong’s Protests, the Sacrifices Made and Where the Movement goes Next (Part 1)

Frustrated by protests and an inability to win over civil society, China has moved in recent days to destroy the ‘one country two systems’ foundation of its relationship with Hong…

ActivismHong Kong
May 18, 2020

On the Hong Kong to UK “Mask Circuit” and Mutual Aid during Covid-19

There are countless “Mutual Aid” projects that have appeared in the wake of Covid-19. In this interview we speak with an organizer of the Hong Kong to UK: Mask Circuit. …