In a globalized world of art, perhaps the most important country.

The world is globalized in an unprecedented way, which means no matter what one thinks of China, it perhaps has the largest impact in what we think, feel and create in regards to art, art markets and creative works. Come with us here to discover what creativity looks like in the PRC as well as to explore how the art and creativity allowed in China, seeps into our own societies regardless of if we share their governmental systems. We also would like to introduce you to an alternative to the China Model: Taiwan. Which for years has produced some of the world's best filmmakers and creative contemporary artists.

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Prose in the PRC

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January 24, 2022

Swati Birla & Kuver Sinha: Vaccine Imperialism & The Global South

I spoke to scholars Swati Birla & Kuver Sinha to discuss 'vaccine imperialism' and the complicated politics of India's Pharmaceutical Capitalism This is part 1 of our conversation, part 2 will…
AnarchismSE Asia
December 31, 2021

SEA Library: Knowledge-Building & Resistance in Southeast Asia

 I spoke to the Southeast Asia Anarchist Library  on how their project came together,  Southeast Asia and how organizing must be local and global to build a better world.  Asia…
December 5, 2021

Marcus Rediker: The History of Pirates & Stealing our Future Back

I spoke with legendary scholar Marcus Rediker on studying the 'history from below' of pirates, slave uprisings and oppressed people.  We explore how historical resistance to capitalism & the State…