Monet: Classic Trips

These trips will fall in the $500-$700 USD per Person per day range (based on 2 travelers) and are a mix of independent exploration and hands on activities and artist encounters arranged by AAT. Your accommodations (depending on country) will be a mix of intimate B&Bs  and 4* boutique properties.

Warhol: Boutique Trips

These trips will be in the $700-$900 USD per person per day range (based on 2 travelers) and will be further customized. A greater degree of private dining, artist encounters and activities will be featured. Accommodations will be based on a mix of boutique inns and if budget allows 5* accommodations or private villas.

Basquiat: Luxury Trips

These trips typically fall in +1,200$ USD per person per day range (based on 2 travelers) and are fully customized. We will arrange for you introductions to the top artists in your field of interest and stays in the most bespoke accommodations. As well as multiple meals at culinary leaders in the country of your destination.


Please note cost is flexible and we will do everything possible to meet your budgetary needs. We however can never lower costs involving artists, as our stated goal is to both provide you an amazing experience and support these artists who make such experiences possible.  Our costs may be slightly higher than our competitors (though we will always be competitive) as we have a greater goal than profit: To support the artists of Asia


We are completely happy customizing a holiday not featured on our itineraries and are open to any request. Please note for heavily customized itineraries we may require a planning fee (typically $250-350 USD) To support the research needed to make the request possible. This fee is of course then deducted from the holiday balance once the holiday is booked