Where humility belies a great passion for expression.

Japan has long possessed some of the world's most gracious hosts, and some of the world's most dynamic, challenging and unique art. We aim to introduce you to those who have kept alive Japan's centuries-old traditional arts, as well as (better than any other we might add) introduce you to the modern art and artists giving voice to an entirely new generation and set of ideas.

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Explore Traditional Arts in Shikoku

Explore Traditional Arts in Shikoku

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Art On Two Wheels

Art On Two Wheels

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A Deep Dive Into Buddhism and Shinto

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MyanmarProtestSE Asia
April 18, 2021

Dr. Jonathan Saha on the Tatmadaw: Myanmar’s Fascist Military

We spoke to Dr. Jonathan Saha of the University of Durham on Myanmar, the violence of the current coup, and the fascist nature of Myanmar's Military: The Tatmadaw. Below please…
April 10, 2021

Thiti Jamkajornkeiat: Defeating the Dictators of Southeast Asia

In Thailand, mass protests have emerged, demanding freedom from the systems of Monarchy (Sakdina) & Military Dictatorship.  To better understand the nuances of  Thailand's protests, how they connect to regional (Myanmar,…
April 2, 2021

Bandilang Itim: The Philippines & Anarchism (Conclusion)

To better understand the history of Anarchism in the Philippines and the police terror unleashed by Rodrigo Duterte, we were thrilled to speak with the Bandilang Itim collective for a…