Trekking Adventure in Tibet & China

Have you ever dreamed up sleeping under the stars in the Himalayas? In 2019, with expert guide, Frank Hitman and renowned Photographer Pavel Dvorak, Asia Art Tours will take you on a journey deep into the spirituality and nature of China and Tibet. This journey has limited space, and is intended for travelers who are comfortable leaving room service behind, hiking long distances, and living among Tibetans still practicing their traditional faith . . . It’s a once in a lifetime experience for the traveler who is up for the adventure. And the most amazing part:  We will also take you to one of the largest traditional games and horse-riding festivals in all of Central Asia. Space is limited so contact us today!

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Led by one of Europe’s most dynamic China expert, the Dutch Polyglot Frank Hitman, and one of the Czech Republic’s best photographers of China: Pavel Dvorak this tour takes travelers into the last undeveloped regions of Tibet and China.

Day 1

Arrival in Chengdu, an easy programme.

Day 2

Flight to Lijiang and a city-centre tour.

Day 3

Canyon of Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Day 4

Mythic town of Shangri-la, entering Tibet.

Day 5

Transfer to the town of Xiangcheng (4,5 hours by car).

Day 6

Transfer to Litang (4 hours by car).

Day 7

Horse festival.

Day 8

Horse festival and a tour through Litangu.

Day 9

A day with yak herdsmen.

Day 10

Ten-kilometre trekking tour to a sacred lake.

Day 11

A day at the lake. There is a choice of hiking to other lakes, relaxing in a beautiful nature or a course of Tibetan language.

Day 12

Ten-kilometre trekking tour and 4 hours by car to a village of Naganduo.

Day 13

Four-hour tour to a Laolengusi Temple.

Day 14

The temple visit and a life within. Afternoon voluntary trekking tour through the valley to the glaciers.

Day 15

Fifteen-kilometre trekking tour to the volcanic springs underneath the glacier. A spa day in the wilderness.

Day 16

Kora around the sacred mountain. The length will be adjusted according to a group physical strength.

Day 17

Journey to Litang and a chill out in the town.

Day 18

Flight to Chengdu.

Day 19

A day in Chengdu will be mainly a gourmet day. Shopping at the biggest pedestrian zone in town.

Departure home.


Duration: 21 Days. Trip Departs July 26th 2019. (Limited spots)


Led by one of Europe’s most dynamic China Expert, the Dutch Polyglot Frank Hitman, and one of the Czech Republic’s best photographers of China: Pavel Dvorak this tour takes travelers into the last undeveloped regions of Tibet and China.

Lijiang and the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the most beautiful canyon in China, those will be just small teasers before the trip to the Roof of the World. Already in Yunnan, the mythic town of Shangri-la, we enter Tibet. Our destination is the town of Litang at the altitude of 4 300 meters above the sea level. We will aim there slowly and carefully so the altitude will not complicate our vacation. During the trip, we will stop at Xiangcheng, the precious Tibetan town, which will be a stepping stone to clouds.

In Litang, we will be at the time of the biggest horse festival in Tibet. Hundreds of Tibetan riders show incredible aerobatic tricks at this show. We spend two days together with the riders on the plains. We will have our own dining tent with snacks and water. Of course, once in Litang, we will not miss the tremendous Lamaic temple and the homeland of the Dalai Lama. Litang is the only city in the history of Tibet that has spawned two Dalai Lamas.

After the festival, we will accompany the horse-riders towards their yaks. We will spend the day with the herdsmen. They will show us how to milk yaks and teach us nomadic games on one of the largest grassy plains in the whole area. Whoever interested, can take a nomadic lunch in the traditional black tent made from a yak leather. The rest of the group will be provided with a diet of fresh vegetables and meat that will be bought together on the Lithuanian market (also a vegetarian version might be provided). The same will apply during the following days in the middle of snowy peaks.

From a small Tibetan village, we will do a ten-kilometer-long route to the holy Tibetan lake, which spreads under high mountain peaks. We will spend two days at this beautiful campsite. On the second day, we will do a day tour around the area. Each person according to their abilities. Anyone wishing to rest can take the course of Tibetan language and writing with our interpreter.

We will visit Naganduo, the native village of our interpreter, where the Tibetan women wear orange hats. Tibetans from this village have perhaps the most beautiful costumes in the wide area. We will make a trip to their holy mountain and stay overnight in the traditional house of an uncle of our interpreter.

We return to the mountains, a four-hour hike will take us to the breathtaking temple under the glacier, which we visit the next morning during the morning prayers. Beautiful nature will amaze us all day long in the valley under the glacier, where we will be searching for hidden volcanic springs. Of course, we know where they are, there is no danger that we would not find them. However, there is no danger of meeting someone else, nor a tourist. Here we would be able to try out the life of collectors of the well-known healing mushroom, called Cordyceps, who live in this area.

You can buy the authentic cordyceps at the market in Litang where we will return. At the highest-build civilian airport in the world, we will take the plane back to Chengdu. After two weeks in the mountains, we will enjoy a relaxing day in a modern city. Chengdu is not only the largest city in inland China but also the city with the best food in China. It will be a reward after a week in mythical and harsh Tibet, a cherry on top of our trip.

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