We’ve started a Podcast: The Arts of Travel. We’ll also be posting episodes here as well.  But we’ll also be rolling out the back catalog of episodes.

Today we introduce you to a fascinating chat to Taka Kawakami the Kyoto Zen Priest of Shunkoin Temple and a religious figure well connected to the Ivy Leagues,  Hollywood’s LGBTQ community and Silicon Valley. You can find the podcast on Itunes/Googlepod or Spotify under: The Arts of Travel or below:

– https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-arts-of-travel/id1406775458





  • To learn more, come with us on our You can meet Taka and Japan’s other spiritual leaders on our Spirits of Japan Tour.You can meet Taka and the other spiritual figures and artists who are changing Japan. For more information email us – Matt@asiaarttours.com today!

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