We’ve started a Podcast: The Arts of Travel. We’ll also be posting episodes here as well.  But we’ll also be rolling out the back catalog of episodes.

You can find the podcast on Itunes/Googlepod or Spotify under: The Arts of Travel

– https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-arts-of-travel/id1406775458



Asia Art Tours is thrilled  to introduce a Podcast with Michael Pettis, the founder of Maybe Mars Records and a Business professor at China’s prestigious Peking University.

It’s a great conversation on how culture is created in China under censorship. What young Chinese people are concerned about, and how rock and roll, and other subcultures develop within China. Or if you’d prefer you can watch our VIDEO interview w. Michael here:

The Podcast and Video are a chance to promote to you our Rock and Roll in Beijing Tour. Come with Asia Art Tours to meet and listen to the musicians building a new culture and sound of China:

For more information on Maybe Mars Record Label, check out their website here: http://www.maybemars.com

Music featured in Podcast :

Band: Ourself Beside Me- Song: Sunday Girl

Band: Birdstriking- Song: Feed

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