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Founded by China Fashion & Urban Culture expert Elsbeth van Paridon, Temper Magazine is an award-winning publication that offers an intellectual yet styish look at contemporary China through a fashion-focused lens. Often paired with a deep devotion to the nation’s underground scene.

Asia Art Tours is partnering with Temper Magazine to offer tours of Beijing and Shanghai’s fashion and underground scene. Tours can be anywhere from 1 -4 days or longer depending on your interests.

Tours are centered around Art, Fashion, LGBTQ, Feminism and Sustainability. Let us know your interests and we will customize the tour accordingly!

Designer, outspoken LGBT activist and fitness fanatic. Li Yiyang (李益阳in Chinese) was born in a small city somewhere in central China and from an early age onward was highly influenced by his father’s teachings in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. Teenage Li went on to attend the Affiliated Art High School of China Academy of Art (CAA) and graduated with a degree in contemporary art.

Currently living in Shanghai, Li set up his own brand — where deconstructivism meets positively constructive art: LYAN. For a full profile on Lyan, we recommend reading his interview with Temper Magazine!

Please note This tour is just an example. We will customize your experience in Beijing or Shanghai according to your needs and Interests. 

Day 1

Your time with Lyan today will be a full day deep dive into the Shanghai Fashion Scene. Lyan will meet you at your hotel, then by public transport or taxi (Please pay locally) take you on  a deep-dive of Shanghai’s Fashion scene. 

Your first stop will be the to visit two of Lyan’s favorite atelier who will be exhibiting during your time in Shanghai. We propose taking you to MODE and Ontimeshow where Lyan an give you an insider’s perspective and treatment. (Lyan has an especially close relationship with Ontimeshow.) Afterwards Lyan will take you to a hip lunch spot (Please pay locally for your meal, and for Lyan’s meal) before moving on to the next segment of your tour. 

Late Afternoon 

In the late afternoon we will head to the neighborhoods of Tianzifang and M50 (by public transport/taxi, please pay locally) to show you the sheer variety of fashion choices and scenes in Shanghai. Lyan will be connecting the dots between different styles, how they are encountered in the streets of Shanghai and how they provide identity and shape to the various communities and subcultures of youth and class in the city. Afterwards Lyan will return you to your hotel by private car or public transportation (Please pay locally). 


Day 2- Shanghai: 

This evening Lyan will be meeting you at your hotel, then take you by taxi/public transit (Please pay locally) to your first destination.

Tonight will have a loose feel based on the events and activities of Fashion Week. There may be an insiders party going on. Or a dinner that Lyan can take you to, or a gathering of models and designers at a private speak-easy. Lyan will let you know what he thinks is best and you’ll have the chance to adjust and enjoy the evening based on what choice most interests you. (Please pay locally for any transportation, food or drink, or entrance fees depending on your activity).

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