Bangkok's Courageous Kitchen: Eat with Empathy

Asia Art Tour is collaborating with Courageous Kitchen Bangkok to create travel that takes people into the marginalized communities of Thailand to learn about food, culture, mutual aid and building networks of care between visitors to Thailand and those living there.

From Courageous Kitchen:

Courageous Kitchen began in 2009 as a small Bangkok based initiative called In Search of Sanuk which aimed to provide emergency food and housing for children and families most in need. The word ‘sanuk’ is the Thai word meaning fun/enjoyment. We chose that name because we believe every child, regardless of their situation, has the right to have a happy and healthy childhood. We believe fun and learning should come first and that all children should be free from worry and the burdens of poverty and suffering.

We still believe fun and learning come first and use the kitchen as a space to create a fun environment where children can learn the life skills needed to be leaders in their communities.

Watch the Video above of Dwight giving a Ted Talk about Courageous Kitchen

In 2014, Dwight and Christy began to cook regularly with a small group of students who had especially poor nutrition and self-esteem. The response to the kitchen project was overwhelmingly positive. Soon after In Search of Sanuk came to be better known for our activities in the kitchen, and in late 2015, the project was registered in the US as tax exempt 501(c)3 under the name Courageous Kitchen Inc.


The tours w. Courageous Kitchen and Asia Art Tours vary. Please let us know your interests when you contact us and we’ll be happy to customize the tour as you see fit.

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