Naraphat Sakarthornsap lives and works in Bangkok. In many of his works, Naraphat presents stories of social inequality through photographs, in which flowers play the leading role. Asia Art Tours works with Naraphat on one of our favorite Thailand tours – Urban Ikebana. Naraphat takes guests through Bangkok’s Pak Khlong Flower Market to learn about the working class lives of the city’s florists, and how flowers play a huge role in Thai religious life.

Through Urban Ikebana, Naraphat transforms the city’s urban space into one of beauty through Ikebana, giving a new life and perspective to the mega-city of Bangkok.

For me personally as the founder of Asia Art Tours, this was one of my favorite experiences I’ve ever done in Bangkok. To feel that you can transform a city as big and intense as Bangkok, to experience that feeling of control and impact… really made for a beautiful mix of art, spirituality and practice.


(The Founder of Asia Art Tours, posing w. his Urban Ikebana)

To learn more, and to do the tour yourself when you visit Bangkok, you can contact us at For more on Naraphat, please check out his website :

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