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June 6, 2020

Author Håkan Geijer: Riot Medicine, Medics in Protests & Mutual Aid

We were thrilled to interview Håkan Geijer,  the author of the free e-book  RIOT MEDICINE. Our conversation centers on basic medical advice* for protests, the role of medics within movements,…

June 4, 2020

Jamun Ka Ped – Art Against Hindu Supremacy (Conclusion)

With a United States rocked by protests against Police Violence, Economic Violence and the monstrous forces of White Supremacy, it may be useful to look to other global struggles against…

Hong KongPhilosophy
May 24, 2020

Author Kong Tsung-gan on Hong Kong’s Protests, the Sacrifices Made and Where the Movement goes Next (Part 1)

Frustrated by protests and an inability to win over civil society, China has moved in recent days to destroy the ‘one country two systems’ foundation of its relationship with Hong…

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